Bespoke x St Brigid's Dairy x Emerarld Grasslands: Grassfed Jersey Sampler Pack

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Over the past 6 months, we have sparked a phenomenal relationship with Bill Van Ness of St. Brigids Dairy as well as the gentleman at Emerald Grasslands. 

Our mission here is too highlight the diversity of our food system. There is absolutely no need for a beautiful, organic, grassfed cow needs to be sent to a feedlot; with the final destination into the processed food industry. 

The high standard Bill sets for the welfare of his animals translates immediately to the flavour of this beef. Deep, rich, lactic flavours; BEEFY (who would have thought).

We are pleased to offer a selection of cuts from Bill's Jersey Cows along with their delicious tallow! Of course, to complete the cycle, we have thrown in a pck of Emerald Grasslands butter (because you have not lived until you have basted a steak in its own butter!).